Our expertise is in custom designing technology solutions that evidence the value of quality care.

Electronic Visit Verification

Through proprietary GPS algorithms and workflow processes, we can verify the location, time and duration of a caregiver’s visit to a member’s approved service location within the home or community. Specializing in alert automation, member communication, and In-Visit-Verification (IVV) services, our custom solutions can ensure claims and subsequent payments to providers are made only for appointments that have an appropriate GPS verification before, during, and after the visit. As a result, our patented EVV technology prevents improper payments as well as unnecessary audits and recoupment processing. By offering advanced reporting and analytics, health plans can quickly identify providers of concern as well as members that may not be obtaining the necessary clinical care. These are just a few of the HealthStar features that serve to significantly decrease overall health plan costs by reducing improper payments.

Transportation Solutions

With advanced GPS tools we are able to manage fleets of all types of devices from static tablets, to mobile fleets of vehicles. Automating mileage tracking and tying alerts to member records within the system are a few ways in which our system may decrease mileage overstatement and abuse of company assets. Transportation Verification services with prior authorization of “an approved” location for member services is easily achieved without our proprietary verification process and can decrease significance improper payments in NEMT.

Mobile Device Management

As experts in HIPAA Security requirements, we understand the risk involved in managing member data. As a partner with Samsung, we custom design solutions for mobile devices by configuring permissions that ensure appropriate use. We can stage and manage device features remotely with real-time visibility into the GPS location, signal strength and battery life of the device. Custom videoconferencing and messaging service can be easily configured for secure communication with third parties.

Evidencing the Value of Quality Care by Monitoring Key Metrics Chosen by You for You.

Reducing Improper Payments. Reducing Gaps in Care. Reducing Hospital Readmissions.

HealthStar Solutions